WORKSHOP 2010 - Pentedattilo Film Festival

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There is no general rule or a pattern to write a movie. It takes intellectual honesty and a great work of documentation to master the subject you want to talk about. You have to start from your own land; it takes a realistic approach. This is the only advice I can give to young people who start to deal with this profession. I have great faith in young people. There has been a big improvement from a technical point of view, especially thanks to television productions which have helped to achieve higher quality products, at least formally. Unfortunately I fear that substancially we are always at the same point. Being a man from the South, I sympathize with this kind of initiatives. I love Calabria and, just because I know the difficulties of this land, I give my contribution with great pleasure, being also emotionally involved by the enthusiasm and the stoutness with which the organizers work on this event, gathering around them a great number of young people. Furthermore, this place is really amazing.

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