STAFF 2012 - Pentedattilo Film Festival

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STAFF 2012


"Short film is our way to express, tell, invade the common areas filling them up with cinematographic ideas and perspective; it is  the need to speak through the tools we have, without waiting for too long"

Pentedattilo is a ghost town, therefore it requires more ghosts. Pentedattilo Film Festival is a call to arms for all those people who feel as if they are ghosts in the movie industry; for all those people who make cinema their craft and their art but no one notices it; for all those people who do not even make movies but would like to try to do it; for all those people who are moving their first steps and their talent is screaming to be recognized; for all the filmmaking masters who see mountain giants devour the beauty of their art and, finally, for all those  people who believe in cooperation, interculturalism, tolerance, sustainability... and that is the reason why we are still here.

Pentedattilo Film Festival was conceived and created by Pro Pentedattilo non-profit organization, an association working for the structural and cultural revival of the village of Pentedattilo, and by Ram Film, a film company based in Reggio Calabria, which has among its objectives the promotion of the surrounding areas through the development and the production of film projects. The two organizations work together in order to produce the festival along with several public and private organizations, implementing a network based on effectiveness and consensus, and conveying young local resources and a dynamic cultural entrepreneurship for the artistic and technical accomplishment of the event.

Americo Melchionda

Emanuele Milasi

Maria Milasi

Giuseppe Toscano

Dominella Trunfio

Piero Polimeni

Alessio Praticò
Kristina Mravcova

Piero Milasi
Ilaria Ciavattini
Chiara Molina

Santo Marra
Barbara Vallelonga

Ilenia Borgia

Domenica Triulci
Carolina Grosa
Angela Sajeva

Antonio Sollazzo
Demetrio Laganà
Fabio Orlando
Giovanni Cutrupi
Ivana Russo
Elisa Perino

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