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Birds by Linnea Dale - Daniel Paida Larsen - Norway
Christmas morning by Jack Savoretti - karni and saul - UK
Crépuscule en mineur by Thelomis Danube - Anthelme Dubois - France
Dall’altra parte del mondo by Gregorio Sanchez - Marco Santi - Italy
Despertar by La Specie - Manuel Yasir Baldoceda Cerdán - Perù
Fresh Soft 3500 by Pixelord - Dmitry Pishchulin - Russia
Guerreiro da Floresta (Xondaro Ka'aguy Reguá) by Kunumi Mc - Angry Duo - Brazil
I address / Я обращаюсь by Gibkiy Chaplin - Maxim Kotskiy - Ukraine
Intoxicated by Mouth Water - Claudio Zagarini - Italy                
Inverted Gloaming by Target - Matias Alvarado - Chile
Jerusalem by Pedro Grass - Ofer Winter & Shimon Engel - Israel
Lament of Lucky Bone by North Sentinel - Francesco Cabras - Italy / India
Miriam by Marek Dyjak - Sebastian Juszczyk - Poland
Nice Shoes by Tommy Mack - Jonathan Lawrence - USA
Nope Face by Violent Scenes - Antonio Michele Stea - Italy
Only for a minute by Alex Uhlmann - Antonella Spatti - Italy / Germany
Paradiso by Erlend Øye & La Comitiva - Mike Beech - UK / Italy
Quel senso di sete by Brilla - Tiziano Colucci - Italy
Silenzio al silenzio by Mario Venuti - Daniele Gangemi - Italy
Zoea by anpu - Powei Su - Taiwan

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