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Peppe Voltarelli
Peppe Voltarelli live concert
Augost 10 2022 o- 9.00 p.m. -  Parco Ecolandia (Reggio Calabria)

Peppe Voltarelli | voice, guitar, accordion
Massimo Garritano | guitar


Peppe Voltarelli's concert is a show of music and words that, starting from the first records released in the 1990s, recounts the artistic trajectory of a quest that moves between punk tarantella and songwriting with forays into blues and song theater.Voltarelli, a migrant soul, traveler and ironic and sharp storyteller, describes a never tame, lyrical and dreamy south in which it is still worth believing in without reservation. The south of the world, the south of Italy, the southernmost south of the south. Voltarelli retraces the paths of his journey between Calabria, Germany, the United States, Argentina, Quebec and the Czech Republic in search of the song that unites peoples.

Peppe Voltarelli is a Calabrian singer, songwriter writer and actor. Active since 1994 as founder, voice and leader of Il Parto delle nuvole pesanti cult Italian new folk band. As a solo artist he has released five studio albums, nine live albums and four soundtracks. He won the Targa Tenco three times with "Ultima notte a Mala Strana" in 2010 as best album in dialect and with "Voltarelli canta Profazio" in 2016 and "Planetario" in 2021 as best performing album. He starred in and co-wrote the film "The True Legend of Tony Vilar" by Giuseppe Gagliardi, the first Italian mokumentary.  He boasts collaborations with Claudio Lolli, Teresa De Sio, Sergio Cammariere, Bandabard√≤ and Amy Denio. His records are released in Europe, Canada, Argentina and the United States.


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