WINNERS 2016 - Pentedattilo Film Festival

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First Prize ex aequo

Firpo Fernando Caneda, Argentina

In a dystopian past, a man hobbles between the solipsist apathy of his routine and the desire of a non-mediated human contact. A film with a flawless art direction that intercepts a raw nerve of the modern era, inviting us to look away from our screens and go back to talk to each other.

Sad face Roman Kirichenko, Ukraine
A perfect Orwell-like futuristic staging that questions the endless conflict between the individual and the dominant model. A compelling storytelling that displays a tragic love story in a continue circle of irreparable overturning.

Honorable Mention

The chicken Una Gunjak, Croatia
The protagonist’s innocent gaze donates a cruel parallelism between the too short life of a chicken and the hunger of those who endure the war. A light story with a bitter ending.


First Prize
Oripeaux Sonia Gerbeaud & Mathias Panafieu, France
The willpower of a child fulfills an invitation to change. The freshness of the coloring, very close to watercolor, performs a fantastic world with delicate features, while the gibberish accompanies us to an unpredictable, ethic ending.

Honorable Mention
The mill at calder's end Kevin McTurk, USA
A movie that moves unanimated things, even if we can’t consider it proper animation. A genre short film that immediately throws the audience in an eerie atmosphere, supported by a powerful sound design.

The wild boar Bella Szederkényi, Germany/France/Hungary
The style is unsettling, ordinarily extraordinary, but never comforting. The functional animation flows without overwhelm the story, showing an unfixable conflict between nature and civilization. The storytelling makes the audience questioning its point of view, without sparing a subtle, final uncomfortable feeling.


First Prize ex aequo

Margie Domenico Modafferi, Italy
A short movie with an ideal structure and duration. With a careful acting and a not banal director, it tells a universal story through an intimate point of view.

Rosa Vincenzo Caricari, Italy
An admirable example of how, sharpening our sight and sensitivity, it’s possible to find in each own neighborhood many different thoughtful starting point.
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