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is a young film and video production company, born with the need to create an innovative operating structure, seeking original paths for a cultural and communicative entrepreneurship.
Ram Film operates with the primary objective of consolidating an independent production team able to add surplus value to the national net of film companies, placing itself in an area that is rich with artistic/professional potential and that is interesting as far as spatial dynamics are concerned but is lacking in independent production companies in the field.

The company strongly believes in a path of decentralization which can increase a diversification of filmmaking proposals in Italy, therefore it maintains its stable core in Calabria while activating profitable synergies nationally and internationally along with companies, associations, public and private authorities in order to develop not standardized film projects.

Through an agile production approach supporting an offer able to meet the current market changes without giving up a cultural choice which works with the prevailing objective of raising the quality level in movie entertainment, Ram Film favours those projects aiming to the quality of content while intercepting innovative forms of artistic expression and experimenting with the latest technological resources.

Ram Film thus becomes a creative workshop of exchange and growth where ideas are interwoven with experiences, creating a breeding ground of people who run the risk of daring not stereotyped formulas both in the direct production of their own film projects and in the executive support to external productions.

From planning to producing and post-producing films and videos, from direct production to executive production and supply of technical and communication supporting services, Ram Film develops and produces short films, feature films, documentaries, social communication videos, video clips, theatre promos, backstage videos, animation videos, book trailers, commercials, promotional video campaigns, cinema events involving dynamically heterogeneous technical and artistic resources.

In Pentedattilo Film Festival, Ramfilm deals with the executive production of the event while taking care of both the artistic/promotional development and the technical/administrative structure.


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