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by Maria Teresa Furnari
The integration between environment and architecture through the installation of flexible mirrors.
The picture rethinks a place, creating bridges of reflection between natural and artificial adjacent ambients which, though sharing the same physical space, don't interact each other. The urban elements like interferences enter in the landscape and become concrete intruder which emerge in the natural continuity, ripping it apart.
The power of the mirror is not relegated to only identification and recognition, but as an architectural door that distorts, multiplies and generates space.

Bomar: la matita cinematografica
di Ilenia Borgia
Between 1940 and 1950 Bomar, local artist, realized for the first time in Reggio Calabria the movie posters of the Teatro Cilea, cultural centre of the city.
Straight from the drawers of the memory, the poster who seemed lost will be exposed in advance for the PFF.

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